Welcome to enABLe

enABLe is the University's framework to support innovative team-based learning design

Watch the first of a new series of animations that explore the enABLe approach.

The enABLe workshop is built around the key principles of Active Blended Learning at the heart of the University’s approach to Blended and Connected Learning:

  • Active – underpinned by student-centred activities to develop knowledge and understanding, independent learning and digital fluency

  • Emphasis on context over content in design

  • Scaffolding of learning

  • Synchronous & asynchronous, rather than f2f v online

  • Teaching well is an excellent starting point for meaningful technology adoption

Our core proposition and values underpinning enABLe are:

  • Flexible, fun and motivating!

  • Inclusive, engaging and interactive

  • Collegiate, reciprocal and respectful

  • Student-focused

  • Needs-driven and evidence-based

  • Versatile, to inform pedagogic (re)design for different modes of study

  • Aligned to the UKPSF

  • Portsmouth-flavoured: aligned to Blended and Connected Learning

  • Scalable

The enABLe approach is designed to be fully customisable and flexible to meet the requirements of course teams. enABLe is centred around an innovative workshop format that encourages a team-based approach to learning design through engagement with a series of workshop activities. These activities are intended help articulate the shared values and principles of the course team, and provide a structured and collaborative approach around storyboarding and activity creation.