Welcome to the PJ23 Library


请 Please! 請 *Por favor* *Tanpri* *Xin vui lòng*

Look at the different pages of the Library's site! They have been created for you!

Some of the pages are to assist you in your studies, others are for fun or information.

Library Hours

7:30 - 3:30 Mondays-Fridays

Closed 1st Lunch

Check the Schedule posted outside the Library for any changes!

The Library :
is the heart of our school’s resources--materials actually on our shelves--like books,periodicals, media and those items available beyond physical walls--online resources, as in databases and encyclopedias
is a welcoming space that encourages creativity, learning, reading, researching, studying and collaborating with classmates and teachers
is a place for students to become encouraged to be self-motivated in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and information
is a venue that encourages students to develop a love for reading by supplying them with current Young Adult fiction side by side with classic and contemporary literaturehas a selection of non-fiction books covering aspects of our curriculum--history, literature, religion, the sciences, and much more
is a place where the Librarian provides instruction with classes and individuallyby assisting students with research papers, including the citation process
provides various levels of reading materials to accommodate our students’ abilities,inclusive of the addition to bilingual materials when available for the dynamic PJHS community