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Welcome to the PBCSD Technology Learning Support Hub for Students and Caregivers!

The Technology Support page is the go-to resource for students and caregivers. Whether you're getting started using a Chromebook or an online application, you'll find support you need here. The resources on this site will help with common technology tools like Google Classroom, Google Meet, and much more.

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If you are not using a school-issued device and Classlink does not automatically open in a new tab when logging in, you can directly go to the Classlink using

What is Classlink?

Upon logging into your student assigned Chromebook, you may have noticed a "PB Login" tab for ClassLink. ClassLink provides “OneClick”, which enables single sign-on (SSO) access to some web applications the district subscribes to. ClassLink connects many district apps to one interface, which also stores usernames and passwords. This means less of a need to remember them, write them down, or access multiple lists. If you close the tab, you will find a quick link to Classlink in the PineBushSites bookmark within the Chrome browser.

Logging into Classlink the first time

During the first time a PBCSD student logs into Classlink, he/she will use his/her Active Directory credentials. Students are not use to using these credentials. Once in, he/she can set up ClassLink to “remember” his/her accounts and "Sign in with Google" with future logins.

  1. Once he/she has logged in to Classlink, he/she will see the Classlink login tab or go directly to

  2. Enter username: Pb(StudentID#) Example: Pb123456 (notice the capital P)

  3. Enter password: Pbs(studentID#) Example: Pbs123456 (notice the lowercase s)

  4. Choose "Sign In".

After the student is logged in, he/she MUST do the following steps so that Google can sync his/her district Google account to Classlink:

  1. Once on the Classlink's Launchpad, choose the profile image in the top right hand corner.

  2. Choose "Settings".

  3. Choose "Sign-In:

  4. Choose the blue chain link under the capital letter G and the word "disconnected".

  5. Choose the appropriate student Google account. The student's username should now show in green font. If not, try again.

  6. Once this is complete the accounts are now synchronized. Sign out of Classlink when done.

The next time the student logs into Classlink, he/she will choose the "Sign in with Google" button instead of "Sign In".

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