Things To Look Forward To In 2021

2020 has been a rough year. The year started off with world war 3 rumor's then a wild fire, then the pandemic hit shutting down the country, riots, etc… 2020 has been real tough on all of us, some more than others but 2021 is right around the corner. 2021 will hopefully be a really good year where everything becomes normal again and it makes up for all the lost time of 2020. Here are some things to look forward to in 2021.

The end of the pandemic. The pandemic is very concerning to all of us and it's very exciting to see it very slowly come to an end. It is obviously not 100% known that the pandemic WILL end in 2021, however that is what we are guessing and what we are hoping for considering that it has already been over a year since the pandemic originated in Wuhan, China. I know some of us have already given up on this pandemic but it will end no matter what, we have to stay strong through this. When it does there are a lot of things to look forward to, such as, movie theaters opening back up, large gatherings, concerts, theme parks, amusement parks, fairs, festivals, parades, etc.

Friends. Finally being able to hang out with all of your friends again without a mask and without social distancing is a big thing people are looking forward to. We all miss being able to go out to a fun hang out spot to mess around and have fun with our friends and hopefully with 2021 and vaccines coming out, we’ll be able to see our friends like we used to do.

Vacations. Finally we will be able to travel the world again, without plane disinfecting or or wearing a mask the whole flight. My family is big travelers so I am very excited about this. We all can’t wait to finally get out of our homes again and it's obvious. The best way to do that is with a nice family vacation to go do something fun. Fun things have been held back from us since around March and I can not wait for it to be over.

Concerts. Concerts have been dearly missed by many this year. Concerts along with everything else were shut down due to the pandemic. Which could’ve really thrown a wrench in some peoples plans. For the people who bought tickets for concerts this year most likely got all their concerts moved to next year, and some people were probably forced into refunding tickets due to the new date not working for them which I'd imagine is very disappointing for them. But concerts will be making a return next year and for all the music lovers out there I’m sure they’re extremely excited for all of them.

Movies. Movies were a bit slow in 2020. Not a lot of movies came out due to the pandemic but there were plenty of movies that went to VOD that people could purchase then watch at home, which did cause some controversy between studios and theatres but there almost no blockbusters released this year. The film studios held the blockbusters back for next year and 2021 with all these huge movies seems like it will be one of the most exciting years for movies. Here are some movies to look forward to in 2021. Coming from Sony Pictures ‘Morbius’, ‘Venom 2’, and in partnership with Marvel Studios ‘ Spiderman 3’. From Marvel Studios ‘Black Widow’, ‘Eternals’, ‘Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings’, and in partnership with Sony Pictures ‘Spiderman 3’. Coming from Paramount Pictures ‘A Quiet Place Part 2’, and ‘Top Gun Maverick’. Coming from Warner Brothers ‘Tom And Jerry’, ‘Godzilla V.S. Kong’, ‘The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It’, ‘Space Jam A New Legacy’, ‘The Suicide Squad’, ‘Dune’, ‘The Matrix 4’, and ‘Mortal Kombat’. And good news for those who like to stay home and watch movies, all of Warner Brothers 2021 slate of movies will be released onto HBO Max same day as they release into theatres.

Video Games. Video games continued to release throughout the 2020 year as the pandemic didn’t affect that business as much as others. There were still some very highly anticipated games that came out in the 2020 year like ‘Call Of Duty Cold War’, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, ‘Spiderman Miles Morales’ and many more. 2021 has a good line up of video games and with ‘PS5’ and ‘Xbox Series X’ now released the quality of games will be at all time high. Here are some of the video games to look forward in 2021, ‘Gotham Knights’, ‘Resident Evil Village’, ‘Hitman 3’, ‘Far Cry 6’, ‘Hogwarts Legacy’, ‘Riders Republic’, ‘Gran Turismo 7’, and ‘Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga’.

Sports. Sports continued to happen this year but there was no audience for some time then they only let a very small amount of people come to the games and some sport games only allowed family members and if it was a college then their students were allowed to go to the games. But with 2021 and the hope of everything going back to normal sport games will as well hopefully go back to normal have a huge real audience instead of the small audience and cardboard cutouts. Sport fans desperately miss going out watching their favorite team in person and hopefully 2021 will be able to bring back that joy to people.

School. School has been very stressful for not only students but teachers as well. In March of 2020 schools shut down for the year out of nowhere and it was a real struggle for students to adapt to this full time online learning and grades dropped and teachers struggled to figure out what to give to their students for assignments. The next school year started and were still online but we all have gotten used to it yet it’s still stressful. There are so many distractions and it's harder to keep up with everything and it's exhausting to stare at a screen for nearly 7 hours a day. Hopefully in early 2021 but most likely mid 2021 schools will allow students to go back at full capacity everyday to learn.

There’s plenty of more things people are looking forward to and in an interview with a few fellow Penn High School students here are some things others are looking forward to. When this student was asked “What things are you looking forward to in 2021?” The student replied with “COVID over at some point, hopefully.” When another student was asked “What things are you looking forward to in 2021?” The student simply replied with “ Chicken sandwich” when the last student interviewed was asked “What things are you looking forward to in 2021?” They replied with “ I’m excited for the movies coming out.” Everyone, get excited because 2021 is just a few days away!