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Canvas Learning Management System

Through Canvas, students and parents can access the content of publications courses. The content and assignments are organized in modules and are designed to help students navigate the work of publishing stories to:

  • a news website

  • a video news channel

  • social media

  • digital signage

  • showcase portfolios

The PNN Staff Manual

The PNN Staff Manual offers students guides to most of the processes in the PNN Studio. This guide was largely produced by students in language that is easy to understand. The PNN team focuses on building knowledge so that all students are capable of shooting a show, editing a package, running the teleprompter, etc.

A good guide to interviewing

I came across this article the other day and thought I would share it with you. Interviewing really is the cornerstone of what we do in PNN, so the more we read, learn, and know about it...the better!

The other day, the intro class interviewed me about commuting to Penn High School on the bus and using my scooters. I was impressed and pleased by the types of questions students asked. I think that if we dedicated more time to preparing for, conducting, and editing interviews, we would tell more compelling stories in our channels.

The Moore Legacy in PNN

PNN alum and PHS 2012 grad, Carl Moore stepped back into PNN the other day to visit his old haunts and his sister, current PNN Producer, Jessica. Of course, he and Mr. McNulty go caught up on all things PNN, but then, he directed sister in the role of technical director in shooting PNN Show #18.

Carl graduated from American University and is now enrolled in a Master's program in which he is studying machine learning and audio engineering.