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The Racial and Social Justice Department needs your help in recruiting 13 members of the community representing all walks of life to participate in a focus group informing community needs on how the RSJ fund will be distributed. Our department values community-driven processes, so we need the community’s input to highlight key areas of impact for this fund as seen through the lens of experience living or working in Somerville.  

In line with our commitment to redress the impacts and deconstruct the underlying causes of racial and social injustice in all its forms, the RSJ Fund will provide funding for individuals and organizations to empower the community in dismantling systemic racism and social inequity.  Please feel free to forward the names and contact details of any community members you recommend participating in this work. 

For more information, please contact Denise Molina Capers, Director of the RSJ Department at or Leonor Galindo, Community Engagement Specialist for the RSJ Department at or 781-808-8344.


Job training, Adult GED & HiSET Programs, Career advising and more for people 18 years+. Conveniently located in Central Square near our Middle & High School campus.


Here's a list of all drop-off and pick up times per Grade Level

CLICK HERE to open the document.

2023.09 Drop Off Dismissal Times


PHA does not provide transportation to and from our campuses, but families often share rides, take the bus or train or walk together, sharing the work of making sure our kids get to school on time and safely.

Did you know that PHA students are provides MBTA Student Charlie Cards (S-Cards - see images below) to all students in Grades 5-12? This provides a 50% discount on all fares. Students can pick up their Student Charlie Cards from their campus Main Office.  Remember, children under 11 years old ride the MBTA free.  CLICK HERE to check schedules and enter your location & destinations in the Trip Finder to find the best routes for you and your students.

Do you run a Transportation Service of your own?  PHA families want to know.  Please email to be added to a list of PHA-family-owned transportation businesses. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST SO FAR.

UDH/ KwenSante is very pleased to welcome Dr. Gisèle César.

Dr. César is a proud Haitian-American Family Medicine Resident Physician at Cambridge Health Alliance. She works at the Malden and Everett branches in Massachusetts.

Listen live to Dr. César WNTN 1550 AM

Every Saturday 9:30am and on facebook:


CLICK THE VIDEO ABOVE to watch and listen to:

 Judelande Antoine, Artist & Founder of Somerville Haitians United 

Ruben Pierre, owner of Sunrise Cuisine restaurant

Pastor Guy Thomas, Missionary Church of the Haitian Community

Dan Breen, Historin,, Brandeis University


The PHA community is rich in immigrant experience. It's time to show our immigrant pride.

TPS extension!

CLICK HERE to read the 18-month designation of Haiti for Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Learn more about TPS by CLICKING HERE

CLICK HERE to watch a video about TPS


Click here: DACA information website to receive all you need to know. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - an immigration policy that offers protection from deportation. Learn more by clicking here.


Chelsea Collaborative

Through in-school, after-school, weekend, and summer programs, Soccer Without Borders Boston is a crucial resource to newcomer refugee and immigrant youth in East Boston and surrounding cities. More info to come soon!

Classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30-11:30 AM (Level 3/4) and 10 - 12 pm for Level 1/2. All classes are free! Students can reside anywhere, no restrictionsAll classes are held online, students must create a gmail account and have a smart phone/iPad/desktop or laptop to participate.  


The Welcome Project in Somerville offers English Classes.  Learn more by CLICKING HERE


(FINAL) Formatted ImmigrantRightsFlyer_ENG.pdf
(FINAL) HC_Immigrant Rights Flyer_2021 Updates_HAT.pdf
(FINAL) Immigrant Rights Flyer_2021 Updates_SPL.pdf
(FINAL) Portuguese_ Immigrant Rights Flyer_2021 Updates_PTB[44].pdf

Gr. 7-12 Families: Is your child enrolled in the Enrichment Google Classroom? 

Academic rigor and preparation for success in college are PHA's top priorities for students enrolled in the High School and Collegiate Institute. With that being said,  we know that participation in a variety of school and community-based enrichment opportunities is imperative for acceptance to top-tier colleges and universities and that critical social-emotional skills are cultivated both inside and outside of the classroom. Check-in with your student and make sure that they have "opted-in" to the Enrichment Google Classroom which lists a variety of virtual after-school and weekend programs that your child can participate in or apply to be part of. To stay informed family members can opt into Guardian View in Google Classroom as well as review all of the Weekly Enrichment Emails that are sent to all students across Grades 9-12.

Pictured, right  Last year, Gabby PHA Class of '21 interned at the Massachusetts State House for Representative Chyna Tyler. Just one example of the many enriching opportunities our high school students have availed  

Need more info, contact Kim,

Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

We as parents know our children better than anyone, but even WE have questions.  COVID has put tremendous pressure on families. We might b enoticing our kids stuggling in new ways, or old challenges getting harder. HandHoldMA (CLICK HERE) is here to help us figure out when we should worry about our kids' behavioral health and how we can help or seek support.  Click on the video to learn more.


Great practical advice, research, and programs about bullying & social emotional support for kids & families - MA Aggression Reduction Center MARC at Bridgewater State University

WGBH offers amazing educational videos for adults and children on the "State of Race" in our country:

School-Family Partnerships Strengthen SEL in Students

Talking to Children (Elementary to High School) about Violence

Talking to Children about Shootings

Reading Our Kids' Emotions 

CLICK HERE to watch a video on managing our emotions so we can support our kids.


CHA introduces Community Behavioral Health Center!

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) was recently chosen as one of 25 Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs) in Massachusetts. This initiative will improve access to behavioral health care and will serve people of all ages. The CBHCs will serve as an entry point for timely, high-quality and evidence-based treatment for mental health conditions and substance use disorders, including routine appointments, urgent visits, and 24/7 community-based crisis intervention as an alternative to hospital emergency departments.


The CHA CBHC service area is Cambridge, Everett, Malden, Medford and Somerville. There are other CBHC providers in other local communities, a full list can be found here


The CBHC will launch on January 3, 2023. Initial services will be located at Cambridge Hospital, 1493 Cambridge Street in Cambridge. We plan to open a second location in Malden later in 2023. 


The CHA CBHC will offer the following services:

24-hour Access and Crisis Line (833-222-2030)

Urgent (Behavioral Health) Care/Walk In clinic

24-hour Mobile Crisis Services staffed by trained behavioral health clinicians. This team will engage people in crisis in community locations and will offer

Once people are evaluated by the CBHC, they will be connected to care based on their needs. Recommendations may include hospitalization, medication consultation and management, individual or group therapy, meetings with a recovery coach, peer specialist, or family support specialist, or other services. 


To help inform the public about these new services, CHA has created FAQ documents as well as small pocket cards with information about our phone line and urgent (Behavioral Health) care. These materials are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole.

More information will be available at starting January 3rd, 2023


Our family community is strong, kind, and talented - like our students. We are made up of about 650 families representing 910 PHA students.  About 200 families have more than one child going to PHA, so over half of our students have siblings at PHA.  While one third of us live in Somerville and about 12% of us live in Cambridge, we come to PHA from over 50 cities and towns in Massachusetts from as far south as Fall River and as far north as Haverhill. We speak over 25 languages at home with our most common being Haitian Creole, followed by Portuguese, Spanish, Nepali, Amharic and Arabic. This just scratches the surface of who we are, but get to know us better by reaching out to any of our FAB family leaders.

Brought to you by PHA FAMILY ENGAGEMENT 

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