Welcome to the Penland Auction Volunteer Site.


To sign up to volunteer during Aug 5-9, 2020, go to the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM.

Volunteer posters (8.5x11) for you to hang up at your studio, etc:

Volunteers are the backbone of the auction; we could not do this without your hard work.

There are many auction events on Thursday night, Friday and Saturday. On Wednesday and Thursday we prepare for all these events, and on Sunday we clean up.

Facebook Volunteer Group

Here's a map of campus with housing and parking.

When you arrive at Penland – go to VHQ (volunteer headquarters) and check in. VHQ is in lower clay which is the red roofed building above the dye shed (little log cabin).

If you arrive during mealtime, go ahead and eat at the Pines Dining Hall and then check in with VHQ or go to the meeting on the Pines Portico.

Volunteer Meetings are on the Pines Portico – if you are on campus, please attend them:

  • Wednesday 1pm
  • Thursday 9am
  • Friday 9am (group photo)

We encourage you to join our Auction Volunteer group on Facebook! This is a great resource for ride-sharing, auction updates and connecting with other volunteers.

If this is your first time coming to Penland, here’s a map and directions. Parking is very limited on campus; we encourage carpooling if possible.

From the Penland Auction page:

Thursday night is our annual T-shirt decorating party under the tent. Each registered volunteer will receive a Penland-designed auction T-Shirt. This is your opportunity to get creative and make it your own so bring your bling! We’ve got bedazzling supplies—but can always use more—along with sewing kits, paints, markers, ribbon, thread, etc. (Please note that the 2019 auction schedule is a little different from past auctions so some of you may be working on Thursday evening.) Decorating your T-Shirt is not required if you wish to leave your shirt unadulterated. You will be required to wear it on Saturday so keep that in mind. Additional T-Shirts will be available for purchase through the auction checkout ($25). Whether you decorate or not, all are welcome to join in the camaraderie before the storm!


If you are no longer able to volunteer or have a schedule change please contact Patrick Beggs, the volunteer coordinator, at volunteer@penland.com.