Hello and welcome to the PRHS Learning Commons! The PRHS Learning Commons is the hub of the school and a place where students can be creative, foster a life long love of reading,  explore hobbies, interests and news, develop skills for the future, study in comfort,  explore beyond the curriculum, read just for pleasure, prepare for the next step, and widen their mind! 

Ms. Fleck, PRHS' Library Media Specialist, strives to teach and encourage students to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information. Ms. Fleck is available throughout the day to work with students individually or as a group. Students have access to the Learning Commons Calendar to check Ms. Fleck's schedule and can independently sign themselves out of study hall through the Student Resources Page, or fill out the Research Assistance Form. 

Please feel free to reach out anytime! 

Recipient of the 2022 NHSLMA | New Hampshire Excellence in Education Outstanding Library Program Award,

 and the 2021 Virtual School Library Award!

Contact Information

Ms. Emelia Fleck 


603-536-1444 ex: 2020

Parents, when emailing, please make sure to include:

Education & Credentials



The Learning Commons website is filled with information to help students with their work both within school and from home, connect them with books and material, and inspire them to become life-long learners. Below are just a few of the important resources that are available! We are an ever evolving program, please explore our website to discover more! 

NOTE: Are you trying to access a document that is restricted? For security purposes, some of our documents are only available to Pemibaker users. If there is a document that you would like to see, please ask your current SAU 48 student to show you (they have access to all of the documents on this site when logged into their Pemibaker account). 

Students can receive a FREE library card to Pease Public Library and PSU's Lamson Learning Commons.

Their Pease Public Library card will provide them with access to free museum passes, a variety programs, an extensive book and DVD collection, and more!

To sign up for a PSU Lamson Learning Commons card, students / parents & guardians simply need  filling out the paperwork below. Students will need to provide their school ID! 

Quiet Lounge: While in the Learning Commons, students have access to a room designated as silent space to study, read, or relax before, during, and after school.  This room is also periodically used as a classroom and for after school co-curricular meetings. Students are encouraged to check the calendar for availability.

Databases are powerful resources for collecting primary sources for research throughout the curriculum. Using a database will not only save time, but it will also provide students with accurate, reliable information that they can trust. Please visit the Databases Page to find out more! 

This page connects students with important information and tutorials on MLA Formatting, developing a Thesis Statement, Plagiarism & Paraphrasing, Public Domain Images and more! All PRHS students have a NoodleTools account to assist with their citing. 

The Student Resource Page  offers students information on College and Career, NH DMV Permit Practice Tests, School-Wide Rubrics, important tools and templates, and more! 

The PRHS Learning Commons does not release the names of people who borrow materials.

We protect the privacy and confidentiality of all PRHS Learning Commons patrons.

(NH RSA 201-D:11)

Feel free to contact 

Ms. Fleck anytime!