Strive to be a Critical Thinker, a Skillful Researcher and an Ethical User of Information!

Why Use a Database?

Databases are powerful resources for collecting primary sources for your research throughout the curriculum, while the Web provides free access to what companies and people have made available to the public. Remember, anyone can create a web page, whether they are a subject expert or not, and the information you find may be incorrect or subjective. Using a database will not only save you time, but it will also provide you with accurate, reliable information that you can trust.

Other Perks:

  • Databases are organized and have powerful filters, making searching easy!

  • Databases are constantly being updated with the most current information available!

  • The majority of these databases cite themselves. Simply press the 'Cite' option and select MLA, APA, etc., or instantly send it to NoodleTools.

  • These databases are used by College and University students to conduct their research. Learn how to use them now so you are prepared. You will be expected to be Database savvy when you enter your Freshmen year!

  • There are helpful features that you can customize to fit your needs including highlighting, audio, embedded dictionaries, note taking, exporting options, integration with NoodleTools and more!

  • Need help? Your Librarian Ms. Fleck is happy to work with you one-on-one, or as a group to help you with your research. Have a full schedule? You can always fill out the Research Request Form and she will assist you with your research!

  • REMEMBER: All Databases are considered a 'Print Resource'!

Pick the right database for what you are researching:

*There is a full list of databases and what they offer on PAGE 2 & 3 of the DATABASE PASSWORD PAGE.

Need assistance with navigating the databases? You can sign yourself up on the calendar to meet with Ms. Fleck during a specific time! Time slots are for 20 minutes each (30 minutes during lunch). Ms. Fleck would LOVE to help you!

*Note: Please plan ahead! It is preferable if you sign up a few days prior to your visit. If a class signs up during your scheduled time, Ms. Fleck will contact you to re-schedule.

Quiet Lounge: The Learning Commons is a busy space that supports all learning including collaboration, exploration, and creativity (which can be noisy)! If you would like a quiet atmosphere, the Learning Commons has a room designated as a silent space to study, read, or relax before, during, and after school. This room is also periodically used as a classroom and for after school co-curricular meetings. Please check the calendar for availability.