Academic Integrity 

Cheating and Plagiarism: Page 31 in the Student Handbook  

Academic Cheating and Plagiarism: A student found to have cheated/plagiarized is to receive no credit for the assignment/test at issue. Parent(s), school counselors and the Assistant Principal are to be notified by the teacher of the first offense and a conference will be scheduled. Second (repeated) offenses are to be referred to the Assistant Principal by the teacher/counselor for further action. No credit will be awarded for any work completed through cheating or plagiarism.

Cheating is defined as presenting someone else’s ideas, words or information as one’s own or giving unauthorized assistance to someone else’s work. Unless authorized by a teacher, the following examples are considered cheating: using unauthorized cheat sheets, looking at someone’s paper, having someone else write a paper, copying homework, giving or receiving answers, allowing someone to copy work, tests, etc. and presenting information as one’s own without giving credit to one’s source.

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