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Welcome to Student Services at

Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values

Stephen Lewis Secondary School is committed to excellence with a focus on social justice, personal growth, and individual success. This will be encouraged and supported in a respectful, inclusive and safe learning environment.

Learning For All

Community, Excellence, Respect

SLSS Student Services

Office Administrator Mrs. Keyvany

Office Hours 8:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.

Office Directory 905 - 363 - 0289 ext 420


Requests for official documents (Letters of Registration/Transcripts/ Report Cards) can be made only through the Student Services by calling or by personal request. Depending upon the type of request and time of year, documents may take up to six weeks to prepare.

Counselor Appointments

Through individual and group counselling, information sessions, classroom visits, and timely communication, the guidance staff support students with innovative programs, course selection advice, pathway planning, and a variety of other initiatives.

SLSS Student Services assign counselors by student's surname:

(Ms. Goodeve (A-C) 905 - 363 - 0289 ext. 423

(Ms. Burroughs (F-L) 905 - 363 - 0289 ext. 421 (Head of Guidance)

Ms. Hopper (M-S) 905 - 363 - 0289 ext. 422

Ms. Sullivan (D, E, T - Z) 905 - 363 - 0289 ext. 424

Counselors are available to meet with parents. Please contact Mrs. Keyvany to schedule an appointment. Students are encouraged to book an appointment by coming into Student Services and writing their name on the appropriate counselor's clipboard.

Program Staff

Cooperative Education Mr. Bhupsingh & Ms. Rammos

Career Studies Ms. Johnston