Portfolio Management - Optimize portfolio quality and reduce portfolio maintenance costs

Portfolio Mining

  • Identify assets with licensing potential for monetization through direct licensing or divestment

  • Identify assets with no licensing potential for abandonment to reduce overall maintenance costs

  • Rank assets based on probability of infringement, difficulty of demonstrating infringement, and economic impact

Patent Prosecution

  • Review office actions and cited prior art to revise claims so that they are assertable

  • Draft new claims optimized for licensing for filing in new continuation or divisional applications

  • Where there is no pending case a re-issue application can be considered to address new prior art and focus the claims for licensing purposes (broader claims are possible if filed within 2 years of issue date)

Acquisition and Divestment

  • Review potential acquisitions to strengthen portfolio for licensing

  • Assemble portfolios for divestment supported by claim charts, market data, and other sales materials