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Patent Refinery delivers consulting services to corporate clients and law firms in the areas of patent portfolio mining, patent acquisition and divestment, patent licensing, negotiation, claim chart preparation, reverse engineering, and expert witness services with a focus on semiconductor technology. Although we provide guidance in patent prosecution strategy, we are not patent agents or attorneys.

      • CMOS Technology

      • Analog Circuits

      • Voltage References

      • Charge Pumps

      • Power Conversion

      • High Speed IO

      • Clock Recovery

      • Phase Locked Loop

      • Delay Locked Loop

      • Memory Architecture

      • Synchronous DRAM

      • Embedded DRAM

      • NAND Flash Memory

      • Memory Modules

      • Memory Cards

      • Solid State Disk (SSD)

      • Stacked Memory

      • 3D Packaging

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