Spark! Engineering is modeled after cutting-edge engineering schools like, MIT School of Engineering, Olin College of Engineering, Stanford School of Engineering, Purdue University, inspired by Project Lead the Way, and endorsed by local universities. The course is designed for students who are interested in engineering and manufacturing fundamentals, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Immerse yourself with engineers and manufacturers using state-of-the-art tools and software to create and test 3D prototypes solving complex problems. Apply lean manufacturing processes that create value for customers and drive out the waste in production. Students experience hands-on, active learning with full immersion in real-world projects sponsored by business partners. Students work in multi-disciplinary teams to provide innovative solutions to a company’s real-world problems. Engineering projects are tailored to student interest in the fields of chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental, software/computer, architectural, advanced manufacturing, robotics, biological, and environmental.

Spark! Engineering is located at 2024 Chesterfield Mall Drive (next to Cheesecake Factory).

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A key piece of engineering is for students to learn by doing through the Project Lead the Way Engineering Design and Development (EDD) project. The knowledge and skills students acquire throughout PLTW Engineering come together in EDD as they identify a problem then research, design, and test a solution, ultimately presenting their solutions to a panel of engineers. Students apply the professional skills they have developed in Spark! to document the design process, reach out to industry and present their project in a variety of settings. Below is a sample list of projects from previous school years:

  • Create a way to upcycle plastic soda bottles and reduce waste

  • Develop a device to help make wheelchairs more user-friendly

  • Invent a way to cheaply separate salt from water for rural communities near the ocean

  • Improve bathroom motion sensors

  • Create an adaptation to a hair dryer that is specific to natural hair

  • Decrease the spread of bacteria by bathroom hand dryers

  • Innovate charging cords to be more durable

  • Creatively find alternate methods to keep shoes tied during the day

  • Improve posture in elementary age students by redesigning the classroom setting

  • Decrease accidents caused by sun glare

  • Design a way to utilize the vacant properties in St. Louis City

Field Experiences and Professional Excursions

Students in engineering gain greater hands-on experience of what industry looks like and are able to work side by side with industry professionals and hone both hard technical skills and essential skills for professional success. Previous field experiences and professional excursions include:

  • CBB Transportation Engineers and Planners

  • Missouri Department of Transportation

  • Cortex

  • Venture Cafe

  • Ameren

  • Diode Dynamics

  • Burns and McDonnell

  • Worldwide Technologies

  • Monsanto

  • Saint Louis Science Center

  • Cambridge Engineering

  • National Manufacturing Day

  • Washington University

  • Saint Louis University

  • Ranken Technical College

  • Saint Louis Community College

  • Engineers’ Club of Saint Louis

Engineering Mentors Provided By:

  • Boeing

  • CBB Transportation Engineers and Planners

  • Burns and McDonnell