Want to learn more about living organisms through regular interactions with academic and business experts and trips to local institutions? Try out Spark! Bioscience. This program provides students with a passion for the biological sciences the opportunity to work with experts in the field. If your interests lie with the micro or macro, with plants, animals, or humans, this experience will provide opportunities for research, inquiry, and project-based learning.

Spark! Bioscience is located at BRDG Park.

Dual credit is available through St. Louis Community College.

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About Bioscience

Off-site experiences take us to:

  • St. Louis Zoo

  • St. Louis Science Center

  • Urban farms

  • Various health care facilities

  • Experience Nursing Day at Chamberlain College of Nursing

  • Saint Louis University School of Medicine

  • Washington University cancer research facility

  • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

  • A biofuels plant

  • A recycling center, a landfill, and a composting facility

  • Missouri Botanical Gardens

  • St. Louis Aquarium

  • Health Career Fair at Mercy

  • St. Louis University medical lecture

  • Various Biotech facilities (Bayer, Millipore Sigma, NewLeaf Symbiotics, Helix Biotech Incubator, and more!)

Develop your lab skills in the state of the art laboratories at St. Louis Community College

  • Mastering micropipettes

  • DNA extraction

  • DNA sequencing

  • Gel electrophoresis

  • Polymerase chain reaction

  • Microbiology

  • Cell culture

  • Synthetic biology

  • Bacterial transformation

  • Gene cloning

Internships/Job Shadowing

Internship and job shadowing opportunities available!