My Freshman Diary

Introduction by ANIQA AHMED. Diary entry by ALEXA. Photo by JOSE DELGADO

Says Alexa, wa-a-a-aay back in the line in the teal shirt, "Lines were never THIS long in Middle School."

Freshman Alexa entered her freshman year at Lake Worth Community High School coming from Lake Worth Middle School where she was an “A” student.

Alexa is starting her academic career off just as impressively in all her classes.

But being a small fish in a big pond can be, well, “intimidating” to say the least.

Here, in Alexa’s own words, are her first impressions.

“My first day was scary because it was a new school and all these older people. And I don’t just mean the administration, faculty and staff. Even the upper class students look like adults.

“However, I don’t want to give a wrong impression. It was really exciting, too. This is a new step to adulthood in my life. Also, it was so good to see so many of my friends from Lake Worth Middle. We have been a support group for another.

“The classes are hard. I am taking Biology and Geometry as a Ninth Grader.

“I am really impressed by the diversity at Lake Worth. There are many students and staff that I am meeting from other countries. I was born in Honduras. I am meeting many people at school who are also from Honduras.

“I cannot believe how long the lines in the cafeteria are. I never had to experience this at Lake Worth Middle. But at least the lines seem to move fast.

“Catch you soon.”