GRAMMY Nomination For Trojan Teachers

Story by Aniqa Ahmed. Photo by Ashley Estanislado.

Congratulations to Trojan Sound Band Director Ms. Cox and Trojan Pride Chorus Director Mr. Weatherspoon on making it to the quarterfinal round in pursuit of a Grammy.

"We're both nominated, yes," said Ms. Cox." We both made it to the quarterfinal round so far."

"I am super excited about this award," Mr. Weatherspoon smiles. "Our choral students have had to work extremely hard over the years. As it is with our school as a whole, our students have not had the advantages as others. They have had to work harder with less support and fewer resources. We have accomplished a great deal with them in spite of all the challenges. This award would provide a platform for people to see the great things that all of our students are doing... both past and present students."

The award is the Grammy Foundation Music Educator of the Year Award, where 2,800 music teachers were nominated and only 188 made it to the quarterfinal round.

"We had to submit resumes, videos, and testimonials to hopefully move onto the semifinal round," explained Ms. Cox who goes on to say, "We don't know who nominated us - we'll never know unless they tell us - but we are very grateful for their support and admiration. We are very excited to represent Lake Worth High at the national level and want to emphasize what this award says about our programs. We are fostering a passion for the arts in our school and our students, alumni, and community are behind us. We are bringing music back to the halls of Lake Worth High in BIG way."