Lake Worth's 64+ Increase Noticed by District

Story by Aniqa Ahmed. Photos by Jose Delgado.

Lake Worth Community High School's 64 point increase finished in the top three schools of Palm Beach County,

"I am incredibly proud of our students, our teachers, our staff and our administration. It took a community to achieve this remarkable jump," said Lake Worth Principal, Dr. Epps.

The achievement also lifted Lake Worth from a "D" school to a "C" school.

"And we're not stopping there," said Dr. Epps.

Dr. Epps cites four big reasons why Lake Worth made such gains.

"First, it has to do with literacy. Our students were able to have great results on their tests. This proved how hard our outstanding Literacy Department worked.

"Second, we looked at the data. Last year was my first full year as Principal after coming to Lake Worth during February of the previous school year. I really got a chance to look at the data. We were able to fine-tune our approach and pinpoint where and how we might be able to get improved results.

"Next, our ESOL students really stepped-up in the classroom. We are truly fortunate that our community has such a diverse student population. And these students are real achievers.

"Last, and certainly not least, it was all about showing up. When our students showed up to take their tests, this gave us further momentum to rise."

And what about School Year 2018-2019?

"Well, for one thing, our results from last year will only make us work even harder this year," Dr. Epps said, in a voice filled with determination.

On the Friday the week before the school opened its doors to the students, teachers came together in the Auditorium for a gathering of minds to strive to continue academic success for the coming school year. Dr. Epps challenged each department to find ways to improve themselves. Then, teachers went around to each board that had been put up on the wall by every department, to leave post-its with comments about how teachers can work together with that department. Mr. Francis (above, left) explains to Dr. Epps how the Math Department intends to increase student achievement.