STEAM Program

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics

The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) educational programs support students by fostering self-directed learning.

They are designed so that learning experiences are student-centered rather than the traditional teacher-centered model. Instruction intentionally integrates STEM and STEAM content areas, while naturally incorporating reading, writing and history throughout the school day. Classrooms, teacher and student engagement, and resources and materials look and sound significantly different in these innovative classrooms. 

Program Locations

Lake View Elementary School

17451 Zeider Lane

Huntington Beach, CA 92687 

Jill Van Der Linden | Principal

Vista View Middle School

Interim Site

7721 Juliette Low Drive

Huntington Beach, CA 92647 

Dr. Rasheedah Gates | Principal

Ku'uipo Koahou  |  Assistant Principal

Program & Placement Questions

Teaching & Learning Department   (714) 847-2551

Alice Lee, Ed.D.  |  Director, Teaching & Learning

Francesca Guillen  | Department Secretary  |  x1351

Program Information

Lake View Steam Program

Our STEAM curriculum integrates the five content areas, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, while naturally incorporating Reading, Writing, and History throughout the entire school day.  The STEAM content areas are embedded in the core subjects of Language Arts and Mathematics, they are not taught in isolation. Lake View teachers have been trained in the Buck Institute Project-based Learning lesson design model (PBL).  Throughout the units of study, the lessons focus on a global question.  For example “How do we make sure we have enough water to bring us to the next century?”  Utilizing the 5E lesson design of Engaging, Exploring, Explaining, Elaborating, and Evaluating what they learn, the students will conduct investigations, explore real world scenarios, and develop ideas in order to answer the posing questions and problems.  

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Vista View STEAM Program

Marine View Middle School Performing Arts welcomes students in sixth through eight grades!  Entering our 30th year of arts education, Marine View’s performing arts department continues to thrive!  Serving approximately half of our entire student body, Marine View offers students a multitude of arts experiences through a variety of venues. 

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