OVSD Teaching & Learning Department


The Ocean View School District is an outstanding place to learn and work.  We align our organization around core values that support employees as they work together to realize the Ocean View Mission and Vision.  These core values support all decision making for OVSD students and programs. 

We are focusing efforts on closing the achievement gap that exists in our District, County, and State by identifying assessments that target foundational skills and targeted intervention strategies. We strive to continually improve the academic achievement of all students and increase opportunities for them to be college and career ready through rigorous and relevant learning experiences. 

Alice Lee, Ed.D.


(714) 847-2551 x 1350

Elaine C. Burney


(714) 847-2551 x 1307

Meet the Teaching & Learning Team! 

Francesca Baldelli

Department Secretary

(714) 847-2551 x 1351

Trisha Field

Curriculum Specialist

(714) 847-2551 x 1304

Lori Manz

Curriculum Specialist

(714) 847-2551 x 1352

Liliana Montes

Senior Clerk Typist

(714) 847-2551 x 1302

Aldo Ruiz

District Translator

(714) 847-2551 x 1306

Gracie Bowen

District Instructional Materials Technician

(714) 847-2551 x 1103

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