Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program

Our Dual Language Immersion classrooms will contain a mix of students who are Spanish dominant and English dominant. This mix of students will provide optimal interaction and learning. Students who enter the program do not have to understand or communicate in both languages. The program teaches students to speak, read, and write in Spanish, while maintaining a rigorous academic program in English. To benefit from the program, students need to participate through the fifth grade. 

The Dual Language Immersion Parent Information Night will be held on Innovative Programs Night February 16, 2023 at Golden View. Additionally, Harbour View will be hosting Parent Tours on February 23, 2023 and March 23, 2023 for families interested in the Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program. Please call 714-846-6602 if you would like to join one of our tours. Walk-ins are also welcome. We hope to see you there!

Intent to Participate Information

Thank you for your interest in Ocean View School District's Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program at Harbour View Elementary School!


The 2023-2024 Intent to Participate in Ocean View's Dual Language Immersion Program 

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Placement Process 

1. Parent submits Dual Language Immersion Program 

2. District fills classes based on English/Spanish composition 

3. District creates Wait Lists 

For more information, please contact Teaching and Learning Department Clerk, 

Liliana Montes, at lmontes@ovsd.org or 714-847-2551 ext. 1302. 

Program Location

Program Location

Harbour View Elementary 

(714) 846- 6602

4343 Pickwick Circle

Huntington Beach, CA 92649 

Francesca Ligman | Principal

Dana Campbell | School Office Manager

Program & Placement Questions

Teaching & Learning Department   

(714) 847-2551

Kristi Hickman  |  Director, Teaching & Learning

Liliana Montes  |  Department Clerk  |  x1302

Parent Trifold Flyer

Spanish DLI Brochure 2023 UPLOAD.pdf
English DLI Brochure 2023 UPLOAD.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view frequently asked questions

What are Harbour View's pick up and drop off times? 

Harbour View's start time is 8:45 AM Monday - Friday. Grades K-3 dismissal is 2:35 pm while Grades 4-5 dismissal is 3:35 pm. Wednesdays are modified days and dismissal is 1:05 pm.

Does Harbour View have after school daycare? 

Rainbow is a privately run after school care program on Harbour View's Campus. For more information on the program, please click here. 

How many students will be in the class(es)?

There will be up to 27 students in each Dual Language Immersion classroom. 

How do I sign my student up the DLI program? 

Intent to participate forms are submitted electronically through the Dual Immersion Program page on the OVSD website. Please scroll up to the "Intent to Participate Information" section above and click on the link. 

My child is entering a different grade level than other than Kindergarten. May they be accepted into another grade level? 

Requesting entrance into the Dual Language Immersion program after kindergarten is referred to as “late entry.” Late entry is possible at any grade if space is available and if the student meets language proficiency requirements. To ensure student success, the student must meet grade level academic skills in their native language and meet the minimum oral and written language proficiency requirements. To determine whether your student meets the minimum language proficiency requirements, school personnel will provide an assessment. 

Can parents volunteer in the classroom?

Yes! Parent volunteers are an integral part of the educational program. We value the assistance provided by parents and their contribution to the learning environment. For more information on becoming a volunteer, please click here

Will there be a separate teacher for Spanish and English or does the same teacher be using both languages? 

There will be one Bilingual, Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) credentialed teacher who will teach in both English and Spanish. 

How will Spanish speakers benefit if they are only learning 10% English in Kindergarten? 

In a 90:10 model the amount of the target language decreases yearly as English increases until there is a 50:50 balance of the languages generally in grades four and five. English time is carefully defined and implemented in the dual immersion classroom. High quality curriculum and instruction will provide the content for English instruction. Research shows that when programs are fully implemented according to the program design, English learners in 90:10 models score as well as or better than their peers in other programs in English tests. (Lindholm-Leary, (2001)Dual Language Education, Multilingual Matters LTD) 

What does research show about native Spanish speakers and native English speakers in a Dual Language Program? 

Research has shown that young children have the capacity to learn multiple languages and have demonstrated stronger cognitive abilities as a result (Hakuta,1990). According to a study by Peal and Lambert, "bilinguals have greater mental flexibility, greater abstract thinking, greater lexical independence, superior concept formulation and higher verbal IQ than monolinguals." 

Research Based Program Benefits