Backyard Crusade



We are so happy you are joining us on the ODC Backyard Learning Crusade. You may be asking yourself, what is a crusade? A crusade is leading or taking part in an energetic and organized campaign. So...yes, we are on a crusade! A crusade to help you explore YOUR personal natural world. We know this will be a big adventure and you won't have to travel far at all!

Each week we will have a kick-off video to get you started. Click on the box below and start your backyard crusade! During your crusade you will have a chance to observe, explore, investigate, learn more, and share about our topic while getting a great chance to be outside...All in your own backyard!

Crusade activities are kid designed and kid tested. They require minimal materials which are household items. So...Come on, grab a jacket and join us outside for our Backyard Learning Crusade!

Beneath My Feet

Live Now!!!

Small World Big Changes

Launches March 31!

Backyard How To

Launch Date April 7!