Return To Learn Plan


The purpose of the Return to Learn Plan is to:

  • Ensure that remote learning options are available for all students if and when needed

  • Plan to assist students in catching up on the missed learning that occurred from the school closure

  • Integrate public health strategies into our schools to address safety concerns and proper operational protocol

  • Effectively plan for the implementation of high-leverage instructional strategies for remote or in-person learning environment

  • Prepare students, staff, and families for digital assessments to support student learning and measure student progress


  1. Utilize the collaborative framework to analyze student data and build professional capacity of staff

  2. Implement quality instructional and assessment practices to maximize the performance of each student

  3. Communicate and build compassionate relationships with students, staff, families, and community

  4. Establish and foster a safe and supportive learning environment for all

  5. To provide the highest quality instruction for students whether it is through Onsite, Hybrid or Continuous Learning