Oswego KidsTech Receives Grant

We are happy to announce that Oswego KidsTech received a generous grant to purchase new STEM learning activities during the 2018 year. New STEM instructional materials will allow SUNY Oswego pre-service Technology and Engineering Education majors to create lessons/activities that allow children to experience different problem solving strategies as they learn concepts, principles, skills, and knowledge for the 21st century designed world.

We will also be sharing information on our lessons and activities developed through our website, so others involved with elementary STEM education can access them. Starting with our April 2018 programs, website visitors will be able to see photos of participants learning with the new STEM resources. This grant will have a significant impact for years to come on the quality of our programs: STEM 4 Kids and Young Inventors.

Our grant project, Innovative Tech for Oswego KidsTech: Transforming the Next Generation, is being made possible by the Richard S. Shineman Foundation. We think the Oswego KidsTech programs are a great win-win relationship of the next generation of educators preparing the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. We are grateful that the Richard S. Shineman Foundation also sees value in our efforts.

The mission of the Richard S. Shineman Foundation is to be a Catalyst for Change to enhance the quality of life in Oswego County. The Foundation uses its resources to stimulate economic vitality, to encourage strong bonds that strengthen the community, and to build the capacity of its not-for-profit partners.