Welcome to Pre-K!


Welcome to Park School and the Ossining Union Free School District!

This year in Pre-Kindergarten will be about creating many wonderful experiences for your child so that he/she can grow and learn to their best potential. They will learn that there are multiple perspectives to how things work and they will learn to appreciate language, culture and diversity. We strive to create classroom communities of unity and team work where each child plays a vital role to the class.

Throughout the year your child will learn to become independent and will develop the necessary social skills to be successful. They will engage in hands-on activities that focus literacy, math, science, social studies, art and technology. The goal is to have your child develop a love for learning that will live with them for a lifetime!

Meet Our Teachers

We have 13 classrooms in our Pre-Kindergarten program at Park School. We are excited to meet you all!

Teacher Name & Room Number Teacher E-mail

Room 101- Ms. Neri dneri@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 102- Mrs. L. Peralta lperalta@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 103- Ms. Montanez jmontanez@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 104- Ms. Hoffman ghoffman@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 105- Mrs. Ringel gringel@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 108- Mrs. Ferrara cferrara@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 109- Mrs. Altobelli saltobelli@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 110- Ms. Weniger cweniger@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 114/115- Ms. Y. Peralta yperalta@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 117- Mrs. D'Agostino & Ms. Langdon sdagostino@ossining.k12.ny.us / dlangdon@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 118- Ms. Melendez mmelendez@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 119- Mrs. Ortiz yortiz@ossining.k12.ny.us

Room 120- Mrs. Woerner mwoerner@ossining.k12.ny.us

Visit Often!

This website will be updated frequently. Please bookmark and check back to see what's happening in our Pre-Kindergarten program!!