Curriculum Committees Table of Contents

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Curriculum Council

Purpose: This District advisory council addresses universal and specific issues that either directly or indirectly impact the curriculum offered in OPUSD schools. The Council makes recommendations to the Board related to instructional materials, new courses of study, and other matters related to curriculum and instruction. The committee consists of Administrators, a Board Member, teachers, and two voting parent members.

Committee Members: Dr. Jay Greenlinger (Chair), Lisa Becker (Teacher), Erica White (Teacher), Heather Sloan (Teacher), Tris Wenker (Teacher), Zach Borquez (Teacher), Susan Allen (Teacher), Ty DeLong (Teacher), Diane Diamond (Elementary Administrator), Natalie Smith (Secondary Administrator), Ellen Chevalier (Teacher on Special Assignment), Vanessa Solomon (Parent), Shoshanna Lurie-Thomas (Parent), Ryan Rosen (Parent), Jason Xie (Student), Soyon Hardy (Board Member)

Meets: 1st Tuesday monthly

2021-22 Agendas

2020-21 Agendas

DELAC/English Learning

Purpose: A California school district is required to form a DELAC if it has 51 or more English learner students. The committee is comprised of school staff, parents of English learner students, other parents, and community members who are interested in English learner programs. At least 51 percent of the committee must be made up of parents of English learner students who are not employed by our district.

Committee Members:

Meets: 3 meetings annual

2021-22 Agendas & Minutes (coming soon)

Environmental Education & Action (EEAC)

Purpose: This committee implements Board Policy related to environmental education and sustainability programs as well as provides a forum in which parents, students, faculty and staff can discuss these issues. The committee also makes recommendations for school-site Earth Week events and organizes the District's annual "Super Saturday" event which showcases sustainability research and provides a community recycling program.

Committee Members:

Meets: 2nd Thursday monthly

2021-22 Agendas & Minutes (coming soon)


Purpose: The GATE District Advisory Council ("DAC") discusses issues related to differentiated instruction and gifted education. Parent volunteer members must have at least one child identified in OPUSD's GATE program. Other members are Administrators, teachers, or community members with knowledge of gifted education.

Committee Members: Dr. Jay Greenlinger (Chair), Sarah Rosenblum (Teacher), Michelle Cass (Teacher), Michelle Williams (Teacher), Vanessa Heller (Teacher), Ellen Chevalier (Teacher on Special Assignment), Jeya Nandagopalan (Parent), Yi Zeng (Parent), Jennifer Nichols (Parent), Judy Wiener (Community Member), Tina Wang (Board Member)

Meets: 2nd Monday monthly

2021-22 Agendas & Minutes (coming soon)

LCAP Committee

Purpose: One key aspect of the LCAP process is the engagement of all stakeholders. Staff, teachers, administrators, bargaining partners, community members, parents/guardians and students - including foster youth, homeless, and those from low-income and English learner communities - are to be consulted to provide feedback on the LCAP. The LCAP Committee meets a few times a year.

Committee Members:

Meets: As Needed

2021-22 Agenda & Minutes (coming soon)

Visual Arts Committee

Purpose: OPUSD's K-5 Visual Arts Committee offers insight and suggestions to the Board of Education and District administrators regarding enhancing the Visual Arts curriculum at our elementary schools. The committee is comprised of administrators, a board member, teachers, and parents.

Committee Members:

Meets: Quarterly

2021-22 Agendas & Minutes (coming soon)