District Departments, Administration,
Central Office Staff & Leadership Councils

District Administration

Zacch Brown, Ed.S.
Assistant Director of Schools


Kim Burress, M.S.
Director of Special Education
504 Coordinator


 Jason Terry, Ed.S.
Director of Attendance,
CTE, & Maintenance


Allison Mays, M.S.
Director of Finance


Director of Technology

Cathy Buttram
Director of Food Services


Central Office Staff

Debby Anderson
Administrative Assistant for Coordinated School Health

Cheryl Butler
Teacher Evaluations

Jackie Carson
Administrative Assistant for Special Education

 Julie Douglas
Human Resources

Angie Ellis
Administrative Assistant for
Food Services

Katie Johnson
Executive Assistant to the Director of Schools

Paula Laxton
Payroll & Retirement

Celena O'Neal
Social Worker

Haley Patton
School Psychologist

Vicki Payne
Teacher Evaluations

District Leadership Councils

Academic Council

The OSSD Academic Council's mission is to provide the highest quality instructional programming for our students. Members of the council are the academic leaders in the district including administrators and academic coaches. The Academic Council meets weekly to ensure that each student's individual needs are being met and that teachers have all the supports & tools they need to be successful. 

Rick Harper, Ed.S.
Academic Coach

Denise May, Ed.S.
Director of Literacy

Salena Mayberry, Ed.S.
Director of
Secondary Education

Amanda Terry, M.S.
Director of Mathematics

Sherri Terry, Ed.S.
Director of
Student Achievement

Administrative Council

The OSSD Administrative Council's mission is to provide consistent, quality leadership for our district & schools. Members of the council are leaders of the various departments and schools in the district. The Administrative Council meets monthly to discuss ways to improve the programs, environment, and activities that are provided to our students. 

Kim Burress, M.S.
Director of Special Education

Melinda McCartt, Ph.D.
Director of Coordinated School Health,
Safe Schools, & Family Resource Center

Jason Terry, Ed.S.
Director of Attendance,
CTE, & Maintenance

Jordan Sims, Ed.S.
OES Principal

Kelly Posey-Chitwood, Ed.S.
OMS Principal

Stacy Love, Ed.S.
OHS Principal

Community Advisory Council

The OSSD Community Advisory Council's mission is to provide opportunities for community partners to have input on the direction of the district and to receive updates and other information from each school. Members of the council are district and school leaders, along with members of the local community including parents, local partners, and business leaders. The Community Advisory Council meets annually to review district plans and to discuss ways to improve the overall educational programming offered in our schools.  

Members of the 2022-2023 Community Advisory Council