Family Connect

OKCPS Family Connect is available to any family with students enrolled in OKCPS and any staff member currently working in the district. Students who qualify as an unaccompanied youth and live in temporary or transitional homes are also eligible to use the service and apply for mental health relief funds. The staff of OKCPS may also call the line when seeking services or resources. We provide counseling and crisis assistance through 587-FEEL in conjunction with Human Resources. Click the button below for the Support Referral, or Staff Support forms.

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Enrollment for 2022-2023 is Now Open!

Enroll online or in person at one of our enrollment pods!

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Family Focused News

Visit our Family Focus page for news, articles, videos and more information!

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Parent University

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OKCPS values the active role parents take in their child’s education. In order to support this relationship, the District is launching “Parent University,” a series of free workshops on various topics throughout the school year to help provide information, tools, and resources for families to carry out their role in supporting student learning and growth.

Call 587-FEEL

Feeling stressed, depressed or anxious? Our mental health professionals are here to help.

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Concerns & Complaints

We know things don't always go as expected. Let us know how we can improve our services.

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Family Focus

Oklahoma City Public Schools believes that family engagement is an important aspect in students' academic success. Meaningful family engagement leads improved grades, higher test scores, lower drop-out rates, increased student confidence and a stronger sense of the value of education. The Family Engagement division is committed to supporting our schools and families to create meaningful partnerships that ensure student success at all levels – district, school, and grade level.

A Welcome Message from Superintendent McDaniel