Connecting Families through Empowering, Serving and Supporting

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405-587-3335  (FEEL)
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Monday through Friday
from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

We can help with the following

Mental Health
Physical Health and Wellness Programs
GED Prep & Academic Classes
Employment Resources
Financial Wellness Programs
Senior Citizen Support

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If you are experiencing a physical or mental health emergency call 911.

OKCPS Family Connect is available to any family with students enrolled in OKCPS and any staff member currently working in the district. Students who qualify as an unaccompanied youth and live in temporary or transitional homes are also eligible to use the service and apply for mental health relief funds. The staff of OKCPS may also call the line when seeking services or resources. We provide counseling and crisis assistance through 587-FEEL in conjunction with Human Resources. Click the button below for the Support Referral, or Staff Support forms.

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