Table of Contents

Hours of Operation


Attendance Permitted

Attendance (District Policy # 204)

Attendance Required

Excused Absence for Temporary Periods

Temporary Absence for Illness or Other Urgent Reasons (District Policy # 204)

Health Care

Religious Holiday

Religious Instruction

Agricultural Fairs

Non-School Sponsored Travel District Policy # 204 Regulation # 204A

Tutorial Work

Other Absences

Excused Absence Other than for Temporary Periods

Private Tutoring

Homebound Instruction

Make Up of Work Missed Due to Excused Absence

Procedures for Illegal Absences

Removal from Student Membership Roll

Unexcused Lateness to School or Class

Reporting and Documenting Absences

Excused Absences

Illegal Absences



Use of Student Images

Use of Student Work

Emergency Contact Information for Students

Information Change

Approved Proof of Residency List

Telephone Message


Visitor Management System (Raptor)

Volunteering to Assist in School (District Policy # 916)

Transfers Out of District

Lost Books

Student Records

Appropriate School Attire Expectations

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack




Free and Reduced Lunches


Some items that are prohibited from the bus

School Bus Surveillance Camera Notice

Parent Transportation

Arrival - drop-off:

Dismissal - pick-up:

Child-Care Transportation Services

Health Services

Elementary School Nurse Contacts

Medical Information for Emergency Situations

Potassium Iodide Distribution

Immunizations and Documentation

Student Wellness (District Policy #246)

Student Birthdays and Holiday Celebrations

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Medication Policy (District Policy # 210)

Pediculi (Lice) (District Regulation # 203A)

Evaluation of Student


Standards of Behavior

Student Behavior Expectations

School-wide Expectations

School Bus Expectations

Playground Expectations

Cafeteria Expectations

Lavatory Expectations

Assembly Expectations

Student Discipline (District Policy #218)

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Safety & Security

Student Complaint Process (District Policy #219)

Nondiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices (District Policy #103)


Sexual Harassment

Delegation of Responsibility


Step 1 – Reporting

Step 2 - Investigation

Step 3 - Investigative Report

Step 4 – District Action

Nondiscrimination – Qualified Students With Disabilities (District Policy # 103.1)



Delegation of Responsibility


Service Agreement

Procedural Safeguards

Complaint Procedure

Appeal Procedure

Weapons Policy (District Policy #218.1)

Bullying/Cyberbullying Policy (District Policy #249)


The Board is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for district students. The Board recognizes that bullying creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, detracts from the safe environment necessary for student learning, and may lead to more serious violence. Therefore, the Board prohibits bullying.



Computer Use Policy: Acceptable Use of the Internet, Computers, and Network Resources and Regulation & Information technology Operation Procedures, Guidelines and Control Management (District Policy 815, Regulation 815A)

Electronic Devices (District Regulation # 237A)

Laptop Computers/E-Readers


General Emergency Procedures

Emergency Dismissals

Emergency School Evacuation Procedure

Closing Due to a Malfunction(s) within the Building

Closing Due to Inclement Weather

Plans to Protect Students if an Incident Occurs at the Limerick Generating Station

If Sheltering is Needed:

If Evacuation is Implemented:

Important Reminders

Intramural Activities

Field Trips

Field Days

Elementary Curriculum

Student Supply Lists

Health & Physical Education

Parental Notification of Third Grade Health Lesson on AIDS




Introduction to World Language

Technology in the Elementary Classroom

Skyward Family/Student Access

Student Progress Reporting

Special Education


Instructional Support Team Program (IST)

Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtII)

Title I and Supplemental Reading/ Math Programs

Mentally Gifted (Academically Talented Program – ATP)

Guidance Program

Guidance Contacts:



Additional Information Needed:

Kindergarten Round-Up

Student Volunteer Organizations

Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) or Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

School Board Meetings

Friends of the Arts

Owen J. Roberts Education Foundation