Student Behavior Expectations in a Variety of Settings

Student Behavior Expectations

All students are encouraged and taught to be responsible for their own school behavior. Student behavior expectations in the school environment are communicated by the principal and staff during the first week of school and are reinforced throughout the school year. All elementary schools operate on the pillars of character of trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, fairness, citizenship, and caring.

School-wide Expectations

Students will:

  • not bully, hurt, embarrass, or humiliate other students, physically or verbally
  • keep hands and feet to ourselves and respect others’ personal space
  • respect the rights, person, and property of others
  • enter and leave the room or building in an orderly fashion
  • talk quietly
  • walk in the building
  • talk without using “bad” language
  • care for school property
  • leave toys at home
  • remove hats when entering the building

School Bus Expectations

Students will:

  • collapse the handle of a "rolling book bag" and carry it onto the bus
  • stay in seat and face the front while the bus is in motion
  • use indoor voices
  • enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner
  • keep hands, arms, and objects inside the bus
  • follow the bus driver’s directions the first time they are given
  • bring only school related items on the bus

Playground Expectations

Students will:

  • treat everyone in a safe and helpful way
  • use equipment safely
  • display positive sportsmanship
  • follow the staff members’ directions the first time they are given

Cafeteria Expectations

Students will:

  • use appropriate and polite table manners
  • wait to be excused
  • be responsible for cleaning up after themselves
  • talk quietly
  • follow staff directions the first time they are given
  • make sure to receive adult permission to use the restroom prior to leaving the cafeteria

Lavatory Expectations

Students will:

  • use equipment properly
  • use sinks and soap properly
  • use paper products properly
  • flush completely once
  • keep feet on the floor (no climbing or playing)
  • respect other’s privacy

Assembly Expectations

Students will:

  • sit quietly
  • look at and listen to the speaker
  • be respectful to the speaker and audience