Assignment 2 - Movie Summary

The Flying Eagle

Summary: The Eagle is a movie about a man named Alex Jackson, a smart man who wants to serve in the military for his country. He's always wanted to help people out but do to his small size and underwhelming physique was unable to do so. Sadly Alex wasn't put out for the military and was sent back home. He decided to take matter into his own and using his brain and knowledge in mechanics, Develops a super suit. This suit gives him many cool abilities which include the ability to fly, super strength, and of course bulletproof armour. He uses this newly designed suit to do good and help others around the city. He constructed his suit secretly in his lab which was part of a science building owned by Scientist Mark Morris. However after the suit was completed, a couple of days later Dr. Morris found an old model of one of Alex’s suits. He used his knowledge to modify Alex’s suit and use that suit to break into banks and use that money for research. Whilst this is going on, Alex meets this girl at a coffee shop named Kate. Alex really likes this girl but has trouble spending time with her because he is very busy with his new super suit, flying around and helping others. He goes through a faze where he must debate whether he wants to continue being the city's superhero or return to his normal life so he can spend more time with his family and his new girlfriend kate. The Eagle must figure out a way to balance his normal life with that of a superhero and put a stop to Mr. Morris and his evil ways!

Main Characters:

Alex Jackson: played by Chris Hemsworth

Mark Morris: played by Matt Damon

John Devoy(alex’s best friend): played by Will smith

Kate Dawson(love interest): played by Jennifer Lawrence

Grandma Sandra( Alex’s Grandma): played by Glenn Close

Grace Clover( Marks Morris’s daughter): played by Cameron Diaz