Assignment 6a & 6b- Robert Bateman Analysis

What is in the picture:

In this picture I see 2 tigers. One seems to be the father of the other smaller tiger which seems to be the baby. The tigers are sitting in what looks like a dessert. There are not any trees or green grass which gives the impression that the 2 tigers are in a desert.

What is happening: The 2 tigers in the photo are sitting down by an area of dry grass and are gazing at the sky. It looks like a sunny day but it hard to tell as the tigers are sitting in the shade

Where are things in the picture:

At the top of the picture there is sand you can only see a bit but can assume it goes on for a while. In the middle of the photo there are 2 tigers resting and staring into the distance. On the right side of the picture there is a section of dry grass, that is what and where the tigers are laying on.

What is in the picture:

This picture was painted by Robert Bateman and seems to be inspired by nature and the beauty, which is our world and the things within it. This painting is not just a picture of 2 tigers but a picture of our earth and our amazing wildlife.

What is in the picture:

In the picture I there are 2 eagles. One which is probably the father and the other who is most likely the mother. They are in a nesty which might have eggs all though I can't see it. In the back there's no sun and that gives the impression that it's raining or is going to

What Is Happening:

In the painting the eagles are in a nest and that makes me believe that they are protecting something which is probably their eggs. The 2 eagles look very angry and are maybe trying to scare another bird away.

What are things in the Picture:

On the left side of the painting their is an eagle standing on a branch with his wings spread out wide. In the middle of the image is a birds nest made out of small branches on a tree which seems to be pretty high up. On the right side of the painting is a second eagle staring into the distance with his mouth which gives off the impression that he is saying something.

What is the picture:

During the time after world war 2 eagles in certain areas were starting to disappear because of the side effect of something called DDT. The title of this painting is the return because in north america DDT was banned and thus the population of eagles began to rise once more. That is what this painting symbolizes, The Return of The Eagle.