Assignment 3 - Analysing a Logo

What type of company/product do you think this logo would be used for?

I think this logo would be used for some sort of art company maybe selling different pencils or types of markers. The main reason I believe this to be the case is largely because of the pencil which is in the logo.

Decide on a name for the company and a tagline.

The name of this company is The Art House. I chose the Art house because the logo has a pencil so i thought the title would be best if it was related to art. I think “The Art House” does a great job of that

Explain how/if the logo above follows the 5 principles of Logo Design

Simple: I think this logo is simple because it is just a pencil that was crafted into this cool looking thing that's very eye catching and would grab the attention of someone looking at it.

Memorable: I think this logo is memorable because it's extremely colourful but the idea is very simple and I not something complicated that would be hard to remember.

Timeless: I don't know if this logo will be great forever mainly for the fact that we these days are starting to use computers more and more. I do feel in the near future pencils wont be used as much and people might start doing art on the computer (this class)

Versatile: This logo is not that versatile because it cannot be used in that many different ways. It's just a pencil which is not that versatile since all you do with a pencil is write things.

Appropriate:This logo is appropriate for company to have. If the is company truly is art based than a pencil would be a fantastic logo choice.

List 3 artistic techniques that have been used in this logo.

  • A technique they used is shading. For example on the pencil there are a bunch of different coloured strings coming off. All of them look like there is some sort of reflection of light coming off of them.
  • The logo uses shape in order to make the effect that the pencil is opening up in away.
  • The logo used colour in way to make the logo very eye catching and intriguing