Assignment 7a & 7b- Fruit Bowl Analysis

A) In the Original image i can see pears, apples, grapes and some other fruits. The fruits look very oddly placed and there is a lot of leaves as well. All of the fruits are in a basket, the basket looks a little small for all the fruits and it seems the basket has a little hood. The rotated image looks like the fruits are making a face. The face has the grapes and leaves as hair and the rest of the fruits are making up his face. Also it looks like the basket is on this person's head like a hat.

B) In this image there are a few trees and rocks and a tiger in front of the tree in the back. The tree has branches on the back that makes the face of a tiger. All the branches on this tree are used to make the tiger, there are no branches that aren't a part of this tiger, making it very easy to find. Also the tiger in front of this tree is probably the one on the tree.