Assignment 5 - Robert Bateman Analysis

In this picture I can see there is two tigers lying down on what looks like snow and dead grass/plants. It looks like early morning because the sun looks not too bright, it's probably a winter morning. The tigers are mostly in the center of the picture and all the snow is mostly on the left and the grass/plants are on the right. The tigers look like they're just resting on the ground. They also seem to be looking in the same direction so maybe they're looking for something or see something interesting. It looks like the picture is close to the tigers. i like this picture because it shows animals in a different nature that they're not usually in. Also, the picture is nicely detailed.

In this picture I can see a fox that looks ready to jump onto the tree and start climbing it. It looks like daytime because it's nice and bright outside, it's probably a winter day. The wolf is in the center of the picture and the tree is on the right there is a few sticks on the left. The fox looks very focused on jumping onto the tree, maybe there is a bird on one of the branches. This picture is close on the fox and tree. I like this picture because it's very highly detailed and it shows how an animal moves.