Assignment 3 - Analysing a Logo

1. What type of company/product do you think this logo would be used for?

I think this logo would be used for a global fundraiser because it has a globe on the left. Also I think it could be an education company because there is a pencil on the right.

2. Decide on a name for the company and a tagline.

I think the name could be: World education and Arts and the tagline could be: “Globally fun, Globally smart.”

3. Explain how/if the logo above follows the 5 principles of Logo Design. You should have a 1 or 2 line explanation for each principle.

1. The logo is simple by using colours of the rainbow and simple shapes and designs.

2. The logo is memorable because the logo is very simple and unique so people won’t get it confused for other logos or images

3. The logo is timeless because it doesn’t use “trending” things that won’t be as popular in a year or so.

4. The logo is versatile because it’s not to specific because it has no words or complicated images on the logo

5. The logo is appropriate because they use appropriate images to show what the logo is about.

4. List 3 artistic techniques that have been used in this logo.

Three techniques they could have used are:

  • The bezier tool to make all the curves on the globe and pencil
  • The shading tool to add depth to the pencil and globe and to make them shiny in the image
  • The circle tool to help outline the globe on the image