The Holy Trinity Learning Commons offers a variety of resources and services to support staff teaching and student learning.

The mission of the Learning Commons is to support curriculum in conjunction with teaching staff and to assist students to develop cross-curricular information literacy skills. Our focus is to inspire a love of learning that will foster the development of higher level thinking skills and contribute to the formation of life-long learners in our school community.

Student services:

  • Library Catalogue
  • Digital resources
  • Research Assistance
  • iPads, Chromebooks and Kobo eReaders
  • Smartboard access
  • Group conference and learning centers

Staff Services:

  • Collaboration when using the Learning Commons
  • Access to LC conference and learning centers
  • Professional Resources
  • Technology Reservations
  • A/V Reservations

A Learning Commons is . . .

Resourceful Educational Accessible Diversified

Green Wall in Seminar Room

for green screen videoing.

Students can use iPads (Green Screen and Video recording apps) or WeVideo on the Chromebook.

Our monthly display just outside the Learning Commons.

Associated books will be on display inside the LC.

Visit this page for past displays.

Chess is very popular in our Learning Commons. Students from all grades play during the lunch hours and spare students enjoy challenging their friends.

This is our wall chess game. A game can be started by one person and then someone else can come along and make a chess move , etc . etc.

We also have a large floor model chess game which is getting a lot of attention.