Mutchmor Kindergarten

Welcome to our Kinder Site!

This website will help you prepare for September and provide important information about our Kindergarten Program. Explore the different pages for information on arrival/dismissal, what to bring, and how to prepare.

Please take time to fill out the intake form before the first day of school.

Meet Our Amazing Educators


Mme. logan

"My family has two cats and one dog, but no alligators!"

Ms. Ahmed

"I love light colours."


ms. Yoshiki

"I love the outdoors, gardening, baking and having fun with my two kids!"

mme. heather

"My favourite colour is blue, I love pizza and french fries, and I like to dance with my son, Jack!"

Ms. Tombler

"My favourite thing is walking outside in nature with my dog named Skye. I also have a cat named Delilah but I call her Moo moo."

Ms. walker

"This is me with my little dog named Pixie. We have fun playing fetch."


Mme. Davis

"My favourite animal is a cat, especially my cat Layla! My favourite colour is coral and my favourite season is summer. I absolutely love to be out on or in the water as much as possible. Also... I LOVE CATS!!"


"I love to paint and explore! My favourite animal is a rhinoceros."


mme. Kenny

"I do not like chocolate but I LOVE snowflakes, camping on the shore of Lake Superior and rainy days!"

Ms. Nicki

"I love turtles, camping and walking on my hands."