1. How do I apply to the arts program?

You can apply using the online application link in the APPLY NOW portion of our website.

2. When should I apply to the arts program?

The online application link is open between December 6th (2018) and January 9th (2019).

3. How do I know if my online application went through?

If you have clicked SUBMIT, received a Web Response form giving you your audition dates, then your application was submitted. If you did not receive a Web Response form please try again. There are helpful tips in the APPLYING portion of our website.

4. What should I bring to the audition?

Depending on which you are applying, you may bring all outstanding forms, instrument (for music applicants), specific clothing (dance applicants, or visual arts portfolio. Please visit the links for each art for more information.

5. When is all of the paperwork due?

All of the required forms are due by Tuesday, January 9th. Please check out the APPLY NOW tab on the website for access to our online application system and paperwork. Please note that it is always best to have these documents in early rather than waiting until the last day.

6. How do I submit the paperwork?

Please submit all paperwork via Canada Post (in care of Derek Eyamie) or you may hand deliver to our main office at 900 Canterbury Ave. Ottawa, ON, K1G 3A7. Please note the office closes at 4:00 pm daily.

7. What if I’m not sure I want to go into the Arts Canterbury Program?

It is important to make this decision before you submit your application since we arrange coverage for our teachers to participate in the auditions. To our way of thinking, auditioning is an indication that you wish to be here and will accept a spot if one is offered. If you are deciding whether or not to attend, please be timely and considerate of our deadlines. It would also be a good idea to visit Canterbury HS for our Arts Open House on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 7pm.

8. I made a mistake on my application form, what should I do?

Contact the Arts Coordinator by email or telephone to explain the situation. Make sure you identify yourself with reference to your first and last name, and the art to which you are applying.

9. Can I apply if I’m already in Gr.9 (or 10 or 11) at another school?

Yes! We sometimes have students withdraw from the Arts Canterbury Program and that leaves spots available for new applicants. However, we cannot divulge the number of available spots and you must indicate on the application form that you are applying as a grade 9-11 student.


1. How do I know if I’m ready for the audition?

We endeavour to be clear about what will occur at the auditions and how applicants will be evaluated. Please read the audition requirements carefully to understand the specific criteria of each arts area.

2. How many people audition to Arts Canterbury?

Last year, we had over 570 applicants. The admission process is highly competitive since there are only 237 grade 9 spaces available.

3. Where can I park?

Please park in the large lot on the east side of the school that contains the portables (parallel with Halifax Drive). The lot on the west side is reserved for staff members. We have also received permission from the Alta Vista Baptist Church across the street to use their parking lot if ours become full.

4. Where do I go when I arrive at Canterbury HS?

There will be signs indicating the audition rooms at the main entrances of the school. The Arts Coordinator is available in the Student Services office for an questions or concerns; you can also visit the Main Office for help.

5. I’ve changed my mind about applying, what do I do?

Contact the Arts Coordinator immediately by email at derek.eyamie@ocdsb.ca or telephone to explain the situation. Make sure you identify yourself with reference to your first and last name, and the art to which you are applying.


1. When will I find out if I have been accepted?

All candidates will be informed of results in an email by early March. We work hard to get these out as soon as we can.

2. My friend received an acceptance email or letter already, does this mean I didn't get in?

Our Auditions for each program happen at different times and, therefore, some results letters are sent earlier than others.

3. I received my acceptance email, what do I do now?

Fill out the Google Form (in your acceptance email) and submit it as soon as possible to reserve your spot in the program. Please submit the voluntary arts fee directly to the Arts Coordinator (900 Canterbury Ave. Ottawa, ON K1G 3A7).

4. What if I’m late in returning the Confirmation Form?

It will be assumed that accepted applicants who do not respond to their email offer by the specified deadline are declining our offer. We will have no choice but to offer the space to the next candidate on the list. We make full effort to process the results in an efficient manner. We also must deal with deadlines associated with staffing and timetabling, and these are not set by Canterbury H.S.

5. Do I have to pay to attend Canterbury?

Canterbury HS is a publicly funded high school, however, to support the enriched Arts Program we ask each Arts student to pay $250 per year. This voluntary fee helps pay for: visiting artists, specialized equipment, materials and facilities, technicians, models and accompanists that are not part of any regular arts program available in any other school. Without this financial support our means of offering such enriched programming will be significantly reduced.

6. I didn’t make it! Does that mean I lack talent?

No. The lack of acceptance does not indicate a lack of talent or potential; we can only fit 26 students in each class and so our space is limited. We sincerely hope that all candidates continue to practice and enjoy their art. Strong arts programs exist throughout the OCDSB and we hope you will enroll in these classes.

7. Can I call the Arts Coordinator to find out if I’ve been accepted?

Please DO NOT call the Arts Coordinator for results. If your vacation plans coincide with the March Break. You will be notified one way or another.

8. If I don’t make it this year, can I reapply next year?

Absolutely! We welcome students re-auditioning for grades other than 9. Please understand, however, that spaces in the gr.10, 11, and 12 year are also limited. Your acceptance relies on a student withdrawing from the program. The good news is that in grades 11 and 12 for Drama, Music, and Literary, we are allowed to have more students in those classes. Due to safety concerns associated with special constraints, class sizes in Dance and Visual Art remain consistent across all grades. You may contact the Arts Coordinator to discuss space availability in grades 10-12.

9. Can I get more feedback about my audition?

Yes! Once all candidates have been informed of the audition results (early to mid March) it is possible to receive feedback only from the Arts Coordinator and only over the phone. Due to the number of applicants and time restrictions, we cannot accommodate requests to meet in person or for written responses. Please also be aware that the Arts Coordinator was likely not present during your audition and is only relaying the information provided on the audition feedback forms.

10. How do I contact the Arts Coordinator?

By email (Derek.Eyamie@ocdsb.ca) or by leaving a phone message (613-731-1191 Ext.302). Please ensure you clearly state the first and last name of the applicant and to which arts area they applied. Please be patient when awaiting a response, the Arts Coordinator will be responding to hundreds of requests. Messages or calls of an aggressive or rude nature will not be returned.

11. Why didn’t I make it?

We understand that not being accepted to Arts Canterbury will come as disappointment. In most cases, the reason that you have not been accepted comes down to the amount of space we have available in our program.


1. Are there different application and audition processes for students not living in Canada?

International Students, who wish to study at Canterbury, must first be accepted to the school board through the Ottawa International Student Program (http://www.studyottawa.ca/en/page/show/main) to undergo assessment of suitability and to obtain the necessary documents needed to apply for a study permit and visa. Candidates require a high level of proficiency with spoken and written English in order to study at Canterbury. Once accepted to the International Student Program, out-of-country applicants will contact Canterbury directly and then follow the same application and audition processes. Canadian citizens who are living and attending an English-based school program within another country do not need to contact OISP. They may apply directly to Canterbury via selection and completion of the electronic application for International Students.

2. Are there a different application and audition processes for students not living in Ontario?

Candidates who apply from out-of-province but are Canadian citizens studying at a Canadian school in either French or English, need to contact the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) for registration and fee information. Once this has occurred, they may apply directly to Canterbury High School and will undergo the same application and audition processes.

3. Is it necessary for me to travel to Ottawa to complete an audition?

International students who live abroad and have been assessed by the International Student Program as viable applicants have the option of completing some parts of the process via a long-distance audition. The same applies to Canadian citizens who are living abroad and studying in English. Please contact the Arts Coordinator directly for further details.

4. How do I apply if I am a Canadian citizen who currently lives abroad but I am moving back to Ottawa with my family to attend high school?

If you are a Canadian citizen who has studied within Canadian prior to moving abroad or who has attended an International Baccalaureate Program or English school while abroad and is proficient in spoken and written English, you may apply directly to Canterbury High School. If you are out-of-country during the scheduled audition dates, you may request a long-distance audition option.

5. Will Canterbury help me find housing in Ottawa?

Canterbury High School does not provide billeting or housing for out-of–city applicants. It is recommended that students needing help with housing contact the Ottawa International Student Program at www.ocdsb.ca/Secondary_Websites/oisp and click on “Homestay”.

6. Are there fees for out-of-province and out-of-country students?

Please be advised that there are fees associated with both international and out-of-province students. The fee amount for international students can be found at www.ocdsb.ca/oisp. For fee information, please contact OCDSB Admissions at 613-596-8211.