With colleagues of the Environmental Studies Program @ Oberlin College

Fall 2007 ‐ Present, Oberlin College (Instructor)

Environment and Society (ENVS 101), Environmental Analysis in Social Science (ENVS 220), Environmental Issues Beyond Borders (ENVS 222), Energy and Society (ENVS 322), Sustainable Cities (ENVS390)

Spring 2007, University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign (Instructor)

Environmental Studies Workshop (ENVS 350): Sustainable Energy Policy

Fall 2002 ‐ Fall 2006, University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign (Teaching Assistant)

Contemporary Issues in ACES (ACES 100), Introduction to Environmental Social Science (NRES 104), LINC ‐ Learning in Community (ENG 199), Urban and Regional Analysis (UP 406)

Fall 1996 ‐ Summer 2001, North South University (Lecturer)

Environmental Management (ENV 214), Ecology (ENV 215), Geographic Information Systems (ENV 316), Gender Issues and Sustainable Development (ENV 318), Environmental Organizations (ENV 321), Global Environmental Issues and Politics (ENV 403), Conservation and Sustainable Development (ENV 419)

With Sustainable Cities students during field trip in Detroit @Wayne State University in 2016

With Sustainable Cities students at the Lincoln Street Art Park and Sculpture Garden in Detroit in 2019

With Oberlin College Africana Studies Professor Charles Peterson, Crystal Robinson of O'Shea Park and Carla Walker-Miller of Walker-Miller Energy Services in Detroit in 2016

With Sustainable Cities students at the O'Shea Park solar installation in Detroit in 2019