Professor Shammin published his latest book Climate Change and Community Resilience: Insights from South Asia in October 2021 - co-edited with A K Enamul Haque, Professor, East West University, Bangladesh, Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Professor, Goa University, India, and Mani Nepal, Programme Coordinator, SANDEE/ICIMOD, Nepal. The book contains 29 chapters documenting the myriad of ways community-based climate change adaptation and resilience programs are being implemented in South Asian countries. The narrative style of writing enables the book to be accessible to diverse audiences from academics and researchers to practitioners in various governmental, non-governmental, and international agencies. South Asian countries have been dealing with the impact of climate change for decades and thus offer valuable learning opportunities for developing countries within and beyond the region as well as many western countries that are confronting the wrath of climate-induced natural disasters more recently. DOWNLOAD this open access book here.

General Research Areas

Energy & Society

    • Energy consumption and efficiency

    • Energy and behavior

    • Energy and climate change policy

Environmental Issues
Beyond Borders

  • Climate adaptation & resilience in developing countries

  • Grassroots and community-based climate initiatives

  • Migration, refugees and resilience

Ecological Economics

    • Energy and carbon input-output analysis

    • Economic valuation of the environment

    • Social equity and environmental justice

Sustainability in the Built Environment

    • Just and sustainable urban planning and design

    • Sustainability literacy in higher education

    • Sociotechnical feedback

Current Research Projects

  • Edited book Climate Change and Community Resilience: Insights from South Asia published in 2021 by Springer Nature (co-editor).

  • Community-based Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Countries

  • Environmental Management and Environmental Histories in Refugee Camps

  • Environmental Justice in Urban Communities

  • Urban Food Access in Rust Belt Cities

  • Socio-technical Feedback Using the Environmental Dashboard

  • Energy and Climate Change Analysis and Communication

With Dr. A. K. Enamul Haque of East West University, Bangladesh during his visit as a distinugushed speaker of the Global Issues Symposium at Oberlin College in October 2018 (photo taken in front of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies - an iconic green building - my home away from home).