Participating Faculty and Research Areas

Some of the following faculty and staff members may supervise some of the summer research projects or assist with the program:

Dr. Laila Guessous, Professor and Program Director

Research areas: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Dr. J. David Schall, Associate Professor

Research areas: Molecular Dynamics Simulations, tribology and Materials

Dr. Brian Sangeorzan, Professor and Department Chair

Research areas: Internal Combustion Engines; Experimental Methods

Dr. Peng Zhao, Assistant Professor

Research areas: Combustion and Reacting Flows; Internal Combustion Engines

Dr. Lianxiang Yang, Professor

Research areas: Digital Optical Measuring Methods and nondestructive testing

Dr. Sergey Golovashchenko, Associate Professor

Research areas: Sheet metal forming and mechanics of materials

Dr. Xia Wang, Professor

Research areas: Fuel cells and batteries

Dr. Dan DelVescovo, Assistant Professor

Research Areas: Internal combustion engines and fuels

Dr. Jonathan Maisonneuve, Assistant Professor

Research Areas: renewable energy, membrane processes, and food, energy and water systems

Dr. Gary Barber, Professor and Director of Automotive Tribology Center

Research areas: Automotive tribology

Ms. Brenda Bond, Mechanical Engineering Dept. Administrative Secretary