Student Participants

A total of 122 undergraduate students - more than half of them women - from 83 different universities across the United States have participated in the program between 2006 and 2023. NSF provided funding for 8 students per year between 2006 and 2008 and 10 students per year between 2010 and 2012, between 2014 and 2016 and between 2020 and 2023. In some years, additional funding was provided by Oakland University to allow more students to take part in the program. Due to the Covid pandemic, the program did not run in 2020 and was run virtually with 12 undergraduate researchers in summer 2021. Eight students took part in the program in person in summer 2022 and ten students are participating in the program in summer 2023.

Each summer, student participants worked in teams of 2-3 on automotive and energy research projects under the guidance of faculty, graduate students and often industry mentors, and also took part in other activities such as industrial research lab and facilities tours, meetings with working engineers, conferences and seminars.

2023 Student Participants and Projects:

Experimental study of friction and lubricants performance in sheet metal forming

Advisor: Sergey Golovashchenko

Reducing Internal Combustion Engine Steady-State Testing Time

Advisor: Dan DelVescovo


Impact-Driven Nonlinear Vibration Energy Harvesters for Automotive Engine Applications

Advisors: Chris Cooley and Dan DelVescovo

Driveline Vibration Control of 4WD Robotics Platform using Simulation and Experiment

Advisors: Ryan Monroe and Chris Sebastian (Pratt Miller)


Extreme fast-charging lithium metal batteries and the mechanism

Advisors: Ankun Yang and Xia Wang

2022 Student Participants and Projects:

Optimizing algae cultivation for carbon capture and biodiesel production 

Advisors: Prof. Sarah Beetham and Prof. Dan DelVescovo

Understanding the nucleation of sulfur at electrode-electrolyte interface for lithium-sulfur batteries 

Advisor: Prof. Ankun Yang

Energy capture from automotive engine vibrations 

Advisor: Prof. Chris Cooley and Prof. Dan DelVescovo

Assessment tools for perceived sound quality enhancements 

Advisors: Prof. Ryan Monroe and Chris Shaw (Stellantis)

2021 Student Participants and Projects (Virtual REU):

Simulating Powertrain Performance and Optimization under Real-World Driving Conditions

Advisor: Prof. Dan DelVescovo

3-D CFD Modeling of Engine Cylinder Head Flow during Steady-State Flow bench Testing

Advisors: Prof. Dan DelVescovo and Prof. Laila Guessous

Deep-Space Food Challenge

Advisor: Prof. Jonathan Maisonneuve

Crankshaft-Mounted Pendulums

Advisors: Prof. Ryan Monroe and Dr. Brendan Vidmar (Ford Motor Company)

Evaluation of the Optical Performance of Sodium Nanoparticles for Automotive Sensor and Circuit Applications

Advisor: Prof. Ankun Yang

Design, Analysis and Control of Electric-Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles

Advisor: Prof. Yongsoon Yoon

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