NY Last Chance Horse Bail-out 

Relief & Rescue, Inc

Who We Are

We are NY Last Chance Horse Bail-out Relief & Rescue, Inc.  

An equine rescue focused on helping the horses in New York state and the surrounding areas. Our focus is to help horses that need safety in new homes and be a voice for them to advocate for the wellbeing of the equines in our community. We are a group of people that are diligently working to get horses into the best homes possible.

In April of 2022, we started out as just a bail-out that was helping place immediate at-risk horses into homes. The dealer that buys them for slaughter ships to Mexico and Canada and in intervening, we have helped place hundreds of horses into new homes before they had to have a last trailer ride to a horrific end.

We then moved to accepting owner surrenders, purchasing from auction, and helping the local horses have more protection through law enforcement. Western New York has a variety of horse rescues, but none as uniquely set up like we are. We are going to be targeting specific areas for owners and the industry to slow the horses dropped into the pipeline. 

We do still receive slaughter bound horses every week, but we also maintain a herd of horses that are looking for their adoption home. Be sure to check out those wonderful horses as well!