Band Schedule:

January 8 – OMEA Honor Band rehearsals at Princeton HS

January 11-12 – Honor Band rehearsals & concert at Princeton HS

February TBA – WOMS Music Fundraiser

February 26 – 7/8 Band & Orchestra CSO Concert Field Trip

March 5 – 8th Grade Band in CHS Music in Our Schools Concert, 7pm

March 7 – WOMS Music in our Schools Concert (6/7/Stage Band), 7pm

April 6 – OMEA Solo and Ensemble @ Summit Country Day School

May 2 – Beginning Band Bash hosted by WOMS Stage Band, 6pm

May 9 – WOMS Band Spring Concert, 7pm

Band Guidelines:

In accordance with the Ohio Department of Education Music Standards, students in band will use problem-solving and critical thinking skills in listening to and performing music from various cultures, historical periods, genres and composers. Our goal is to provide opportunities for each young musician to:

  1. Identify, define, and accurately perform elements of melodic notation and form.
  2. Identify, define, and precisely perform elements of rhythmic notation and pulse.
  3. Identify define, and perform elements of musical expression.
  4. Identify, define, and demonstrate appropriate tone quality and intonation.
  5. Identify, define, and demonstrate appropriate posture and technique.
  6. Identify, define, and demonstrate appropriate ensemble skills.
  7. Practice and apply appropriate concert etiquette.

Grading Policy:

30% – Ensemble Skills: Professionalism, Preparation, Participation

Students’ promptness, preparedness, participation, behavior, attitude, and general contribution to the group are vital to the success of the individual student and the ensemble. Students will be evaluated each week based on their compliance with the rehearsal expectations, outlined below. See the attached rubric.

20% – Performance Assessment

Students will perform selections for the teacher. Performance assessments will be graded using a rubric to judge students’ ability to demonstrate mastery of the learning goals. See the attached rubric.

25% – Individual Responsibilities: Classwork (15%), Practice log (10%)

Students will complete classwork to practice and review the skills outlined in the leaning goals. In addition, all students are expected to practice playing their instruments outside of class time to reinforce their knowledge of the music. This can occur at home or during school lunch free time. Students will keep a log of what was practiced and for how long, which will be turned in periodically upon request.

25% – Concert Etiquette: Participation in concerts is mandatory. Students will be graded using the attached rubric.

Students are expected to arrive early to every concert at a time designated by the director, and leave only when dismissed by the director once the concert is over and cleaned up. Absences are unexcused, except in cases of illness, emergency, or significant family events (ex. weddings or funerals). A conflict excuse request from the parents must be turned in to the director one week prior to the concert. In cases of emergency, an excuse request must be received within two days of the student’s return to school. Only the directors and administrators can excuse a student from a performance. Extracurricular events, homework, or lack of transportation are not acceptable excuses, so please plan accordingly.

Students who are excused from a performance will be required to complete an alternate assignment project. An unexcused absence from a performance will lower the student’s quarter grade by 25%.


All music students will have an assigned storage area in the music room for music and instruments during the week.

Supplies - Bring your agenda and a pencil every day. Band students need a cleaning kit, valve oil (brass), drumsticks (drums), and at least 3 good reeds at all times (woodwinds). If you have a method book from last year, bring it. Mandatory folders and sheet music will be supplied by the teacher.

Instruments In band, most percussion, large brass, and large woodwind instruments can be provided, but other instruments are usually brought from home. Any student who uses a district owned instrument will be charged a $30 maintenance fee per year.

Class Procedure:

  1. Be on time. Wait quietly for other students to exit before you walk into the classroom.
  2. Bring all required materials. Leave unnecessary personal items in lockers.
  3. Use the restroom before class. In urgent cases, you may use a hall pass before the lesson begins, but only once a week.
  4. Gum, food, and drink are not permitted. Deposit them in the trash as you enter.
  5. Sit in assigned seats and check the board for announcements
  6. Follow instructions and set up all your own equipment.
  7. Show respect toward others and their property.
  8. Raise your hand, and wait to be called on before speaking.
  9. Remain seated, attentive, and participate in all activities to the best of your ability.
  10. Clean up, pack up your equipment properly, and leave your assigned area looking better than when you entered.
  11. When dismissed by the teacher, safely walk to exit the room in an orderly manner.

Concert Attire: “Concert Black”

Appearance is an important element of performance, so students are expected to adhere to the following concert attire. Performers will wear the most professional attire they have available that adheres to the guidelines below. All attire must be school appropriate as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Students who do not wear concert attire to the performance may be denied participation in the concert and forfeit the points for that assignment.

Students will wear black dress pants or a modest skirt, a black collared shirt or blouse, or a black dress. No visible writing or labels. Students should also wear black accessories (belt, socks, dress shoes, etc.). NO JEANS OR SNEAKERS.