Colerain Middle

PRACTICING makes you smarter!!

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September 14 Middle School Band Night at CHS Football Game, 7th and 8th ONLY

October 10 Fall Instrumental Concert, 7:00

November 5 OMEA Honor Band Auditions, 7th and 8th ONLY

November 9 Veterans’ Day Ceremony

December 13 Winter Instrumental Concert, 7:00

January 10-12 OMEA Honor Band

March 5 8th Grade WOMS/CMS/CHS “Music in Our Schools” Concert, 7:00 @CHS

March 6 6th, 7th, & Stage Band Concert

April TBA OMEA Solo and Ensemble Event, 7th and 8th ONLY

April TBA Stage Band Elementary Tour

May TBA Kings Island Music Concert

May 8 Band Spring Concert, 7:00

Grading Policy:

50% – Rehearsal Skills: Professionalism, Preparation, Participation

Students’ promptness, preparedness, participation, behavior, attitude, and general contribution to the group are vital to the success of the individual student and the ensemble. Students will be given points each week based on their compliance with the rehearsal expectations, outlined below.

25% - Individual Evaluation: Classwork, Practice Charts, Written and Performance Assessments

Student progress will be evaluated individually each quarter using various assessment techniques.

25% – Concert Participation: Participation in concerts is mandatory.

Students are expected to arrive early to every concert at a time designated by the director, and leave only when dismissed by the director once the concert is over. Absences are unexcused, except in cases of illness, emergency, or significant family events (ex. weddings or funerals). A conflict excuse request from the parents must be turned in to the director one week prior to the concert. In cases of emergency, an excuse request must be received within two days of the student’s return to school. Only the directors and administrators can excuse a student from a performance. Extracurricular events, homework, or lack of transportation are not acceptable excuses, so please plan accordingly.

Students who are excused from a performance will be required to complete an alternate assignment. An unexcused absence from a performance will result in a loss of 25% of the student’s quarter grade.

Expectations: The following is in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and the School Wide Discipline Plan included in every student’s agenda:

Class Procedure:

· Follow all school rules during class, on trips, and in concert.

· Be on time, with all materials, prepared to learn by the time class begins. Use the restroom before class.

· Leave personal items in lockers.

· Gum, food, and drink are not permitted. Deposit them in the trash as you enter.

· Check the board for daily announcements.

· Set up your own equipment, and leave your assigned area looking better than when you entered.

· Show respect toward others and their property.

· Raise your hand, and wait to be called upon before speaking.

· Remain seated, attentive, and participate in all activities to the best of your ability during rehearsal.

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