What is the BlendED Initiative?

Blended education, or "BlendED" for short, combines the best aspects of face-to-face learning with the best aspects of online learning, to generate a learning experience for the student that is individualized to meet the needs of every student.

The BlendED initiative promotes best practices of digital learning in the Clark County School District (CCSD) through a collaborative effort that includes the following:

How Can I get started with Blended Learning in My Classroom?

Class Walk-through Tool Document

When determining how you would like to deploy a blended model in your classroom, you may wish to first visit a classroom where blended learning is fully implemented. You can use a class walk-through tool to help you find the things that should be occurring in a successful blended classroom. In addition, you can use the walk-through tool as a self check to assist you when you have implemented blended learning in your own classroom. Click on the walk-through tool icon to view the full walk-through tool document. Since it is a Google doc, if desired you can make a copy to your own Google drive that you can modify to suit your needs.