Since New Trier's 1:1 Mobile Learning Program began back in 2012, educators have encouraged students to actively explore the ways they can use the technology effectively to support their schoolwork and individual learning styles. In the same way, we encourage families of our students to continue to explore, discuss, and learn around topics of teen use of technology and social media use. The resources below may help with that exploration, as well as provide tools for parents and guardians to support and foster their child's understanding and practice of digital responsibility and citizenship.

General Resources for Parents

Students, Stay Focused! Here are some tips...

Social Media

iPad Restrictions and Parental Controls

  • Family Guide from Apple, Inc.: Apple is continually designing new features to help make sure your child is using their iPad in a way a parent/guardian finds to be appropriate and safe.

  • Apple's Family Sharing Program: Families can become part of Apple's Family Sharing Program that allows parents/guardians to approve the downloading of both free and paid apps for all family iOS devices. There are other benefits to this program, such as sharing content, locating lost devices, etc., but, what's nice is that the "parent" of the Family Sharing account will have strong visibility into what is being downloaded onto their child's iOS device(s).

iPad Restriction Tutorials