Poet Spotlight

Here students can find this edition's spotlight poet and work, developed either in a class or on their own. If you have a poem or series of written poems that you would like to contribute, or would like to recommend a writer to be showcased, feel free to contact us using the Contact page.

Poet: Talisa Vasquez

Contributing Writer and Artist


(75 words found in Chapter 1 of Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher, pages 9-18)

Led an uninteresting life,

Just another working-class longhair,

In another working-class New England town,

Where the skies are always black

And the silence is e v e r l a s t i n g.

But if you could just wait…

Just twirl your keychain and wait…

Anything could happen.

Just be careful though,

With what comes your way because

What goes around comes around,

That’s my motto, my zen--

The Tao De Ching--

No bounce, no play, that’s me.

A New Hope

Look what I found!

My mom calls out

From the bathroom of our

New house

In her hands she holds

A gold necklace chain

Covered in hair

But still gleaming

Like a shiny new penny

Dropped on the floor

For a dreamer to pick up

And tuck in their pocket

For good luck

A dreamer like me

I wish for freedom


No one over my shoulder

I sit in my new room

All mine

All on my own

My mom picks up the chain

Like it is a spider

And throws it away

Then barges in

Remember when

Remember when we used to spin around in circles?

Remember when we used to read picture books?

Remember when we used to play tag and hide-and-go-seek?

Remember when we used to eat play dough and paste?

Remember when we used to blow on dandelions?

Remember when we danced in conga lines?

What if I told you

you’re never too old to go back in time?